Noodle Dragon Rainbow Plate Soft Enamel Pin

Noodle Dragon Rainbow Plate Soft Enamel Pin


Meet your new rainbow noodle dragon friend, ready to go with you and cheer you on during all your adventures.

The pin is approximately 4 by 4 cm, made of zinc rainbow plate and filled with soft white enamel.  Thanks to the way rainbow plate is made each pin will have a different coating in rainbow colours, making each one truly unique. 

Each pin comes with a backing card as well as 2 rubber clutches to secure the pin.

Please note that these pins won't have a 100% smooth surface where the rainbow plate is visible. There will be small bubbles/specks on the metal surface in some places. This isn't a fault but normal due to the way the pins are made - the high heat required to get the rainbow colours will cause zinc to bubble ever so slightly. These bubbles don't notice in most lights or from a distance. 

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