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Week Ending 28th July 2019

Finished these last two noodle boyes over the weekend! That’s my whole queue from CFz finished now, so if you preordered one from me at the Dealers’ Den and I haven’t contacted you to confirm your postal address already, I will be doing so soon!

Time to move onto some different plushies! I’ve got a couple of new ones coming up - a custom pokesona plush for a customer, and a Red XIII plush for a friend of ours. Then it’ll be onto carbie-cube making for Kupocon at the end of September! There’s no rest for the wicked :D

Week Ending 16th June 2019

Hi! First post of the new Scribblemuffin WiP blog :D It made sense to move it off tumblr and onto our new site, since it always felt a little odd uploading my half-finished stuff onto tumblr.
I’ll be posting weekly updates on here, since I already have my more frequent and casual ‘what’s on my cutting mat today?’ section on Patreon.
If you’ve commissioned one of my plushies and you want to check in on how it’s doing for free, this is where to go! If you want to support my work and see more than just plushie updates, please do consider pledging to my ‘Friends of Muffie’ tier on Patreon, which will get you access to multiple posts about whatever I have in the works, including early access previews of plushie designs, and the occasional free download!

Now, on to our regularly scheduled update! First, some nature noodles -

shhhhhh, they’re sleeping

shhhhhh, they’re sleeping

And my latest finished noodle child, Rocky Ocean Boye, all ready to curl up in his box and get shipped out to his new home tomorrow!


That’s what’s currently on my desk at the beginning of this week! Nature noodles are waiting for more fabric to arrive before I can finish their bodies, and I also have another couple of commissions to work on alongside my noodle children, which I’m looking forward to starting on!

Until next week,