Week Ending 23rd June 2019

Another noodle boye is complete and ready to ship off to their new home! This first Wild Child noodle is all ready to curl up in their box and go off in the post.


My second Wild Child noodle is coming along nicely, too! All the vein details need sewing onto the ‘leaf’ spines, his lil’ toes and legs need cutting out and stuffing, and his body needs sewing together, and then I can get on with assembling him, too! The cutting & sewing of the individual pieces is what takes all the time - actually assembling the body should take only a day or so, so hopefully Wild Child number two will be finished in the next few days.


Then, I can get started on Springtime ‘19 Boye! I already sewed and cut as much of this boye as possible, while I waited for the fabric I needed for everything else. All his pink details are here (minus his belly strip), so once Wild Child number two is done, I’ll get on with sewing Springtime ‘19’s head, body and legs.


Until next week!


Anika HinerComment